About Us.

Placed in the sunny city of Alicante (Spain), back in 1980, Salazones Serrano was created and runned by a Family Company who have always loved  gastronomy. Modernity and Tradition are visible in the products created by the two generations that are already part of the company.

Since its inception, back in 1980, its aim has always been to be able to raise the Gourmet Quality to all their traditional products such as, Salted Fish, Smoked Products, Patê and Fresh Anchovies.

Being a family business make them love and know every aspect of their products bearing in mind the importance of keeping Artisan Methods. Not only they keep their family heritage through their recipes but also they add modern techniques that work hand in hand to be able to achieve the best result.

Supporting an export department have always been one of their goals. US, Japan, China or even Australia are examples of countries where they import their products. No matter where the client is, they are grateful for sharing their culture of Fish with them.

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