Salazones (Salted Fish)

Salazones or Salted Fish such as Cod, Dried Tuna or Herrings, are millenary products of the Mediterranean Diet without preservatives or artificial colouring, they are also gluten-free. It´s main raw material is fish cured with salt and thus preserved for later eating (up to 7 months).  The origins run pretty deep in Spanish culture.

Salted Fish are available in chunks and sold by weight, all of them ready to eat. They make superb and simple tapas served with sliced bread, salads and some drops of olive oil. It improves the flavour of any simple dish, just let the Salted Fish be the primary flavour of the meal.

All of this products are gaining a lot popularity in recent years. Give it a try and discover a new way to eat Fish.

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Our Salted Fish are divided into different Families of Products:

Anchovies, Cod, Dried Tuna, Roes and Mix of Salted Fish.

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